"Transforming homeowner's dreams into more than their expectations"


"The process was exactly what you want when doing a remodel big or small. She (Dzignit) will hold your hand as tightly as you need or she will give you the space you need during the process. I would and WILL hire her for any new projects in the future."
- L. Dewi
"We are really enjoying our home and the beauty, aesthetics, and the practical design and flow of it. Thanks for making our lives so much better in beauty and in function."
- L. Bendor
"Patrice provided exceptional vision on the design of a unique small space with high visibility. I held initial thoughts and style preferences which she was able to expand and manicure beyond my expectations. She was there from beginning to end to ensure my satisfaction and many years later.every day I enjoy my space endearingly."
- E. Esparsa Read more testimonials
"I enjoy working with Patrice, the days seem short whenever I work with her because she's so much fun to be with. Patrice tends to have clear vision for what she wants to achieve and is good at communicating her ideas, but she also takes the time to listen to the ideas of others and is quite good at integrating new concepts to create a truly remarkable end product."
- D. Birinyi
"We have worked with Patrice Greene (DzignIT) on a multitude of projects, these have included kitchens, interior remodels, whole house remodels. She personally did some design work on our front and rear yard areas a couple of years ago and we are sto;; getting compliments on the design. She understands design and how it fits into the client needs. We have been the recipients of a number of design awards on jobs we have worked together. I look forward to working with Patrice on many more award winning projects."
- C. Donatelli
"As one of the general partners of Blue Pearl Builders I am always pleased to find out we are working with Patrice and her team. Her attention to dtail in bothe the aesthetic and structural aspects of design makes our job as the General Contractor much easier from initial estimate through completion. What sets her apart from other designers is her ability to put down on the plans the essence of her clients needs and wants. She really listens to the client, so that by the time we get the drawings, the plans are easy to understand and actually reflect the client expectations. I have found Patrice to be a skilled communicator. This skill makes out job easier if we do need any clarification during the life of the project. Additionally her relaxed demeanor makes her very enjoyable to work with on a personal level. In our opinion, choosing the right designer is a key factor in experiencing not only a successful project, but an enjoyable process as well. We highly recommend Patrice and DzignIT as a preferred design professional."
- D. Oldham
"As a landscape designer, it is a pleasure to work on projects with Patrice at DzignIT. Her circulation patterns, hardscape choices and architecturally elements create beautiful, enjoyable outdoor rooms. I highly recommend Patrice for you interior and exterior remodeling needs."
- J. Orr